Getting around Jakarta

Taxi and Ride-share Apps

Gojek is the best option to get around Jakarta. It is also affiliated with Bluebird (taxi service). There are different types of payment, but it is easier to have cash in rupiah at all times. You will also be charged for parking and/or toll.

From airport you can find Bluebird

Scan QR below to download Gojek app

Public Transit

MRT (train) is the most convenient public transportation in the city. From JIS or Hotel Kristal, Cipete Raya station is the nearest (15 minutes walk). If you are going around South Jakarta or Central Jakarta, this would be the best option.

Transjakarta Bus (TJ) is integrated with MRT at ASEAN station and Bundaran HI station. This bus can get you further to different parts of Jakarta.

Commuterline is a different type of train. It has more lines than MRT, but the nearest station (Tanjung Barat Station) is 20 minutes away by car.