Travel Information

Most countries visiting Indo have a very convenient e-VOA to complete and do. Check here first to see if that works for you.

Visa Application and Grant

1. Go to and fill in the required information in the provided form.
2. Make sure all informations are correct, then proceed to payment.
3. Choose a payment method, either a debit or credit card within the Visa, MasterCard, or JCB network.
4. Fill in all the details on the payment page and verify your payment as requested.

After completing payment, e-VOA will be sent to you by email. The next step is as follows.
1. Download or print your e-VOA before departure.
2. Go to the e-VOA counter upon arrival.
3. The officer will scan the QR code on your e-VOA, verify your information, and put a VOA sticker on your passport.

To enter Indonesia, travelers must meet the following immigration requirements:

Single Entry Visa application for 60 days and 180 days is submitted via Online Visa Approval with the following requirements.

  1. Travel documents with the following conditions.
    • A passport valid for a minimum of 12 months for a single-entry visitor visa application with a validity period of 180 days
    • A passport valid for a minimum of six months for a single-entry visitor visa application with a validity period of 60 days
    • A Legal travel document valid for at least 12 months for a stateless person
  2. A guarantee letter from the Sponsor (except for tourism purposes visit) or proof of immigration guarantee deposit for a Foreign National for pre-investment purposes
  3. A proof of life expense for the applicant and/or their family while in Indonesian territory of at least 2,000 USD or equivalent
  4. A return ticket or onward ticket to continue the trip to another country, except for the crew of means of transport who will stop over to join the ship and continue the journey to another country
  5. Two copies of colored photographs with a size of 4 cm x 6 cm

Visa Application

  1. Fill in the data on the Directorate General of Immigration Officer website ( or directly at Online Visa Approval.
  2. The Immigration Officer will check the completeness of your requirements.
  3. Get the payment code right after your required documents are declared complete. You shall pay the immigration fees in accordance with the legislation.
  4. The Immigration Officer will create a profile and verify your data.
  5. You will get the visa grant approval.
  6. Your visa will be issued.


  1. Single Entry Visa (valid for 60 days): IDR 2.000.000,- per person
  2. Single Entry Visa (valid for 180 days): IDR 6.000.000,- per person
  3. Single Entry Visa for Tourist (valid for 60 days): IDR 1.500.000,- per person